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Through the Lord Jesus Christ, we can have the assurance that He is in control of every situation and circumstance in your life. For, God can take you from "situation" to "Divine revelation".
BE STRONG: While navigating through life's challenges , the Christian Believer can take advantage of God's resources (faith connections), that serve as spiritual hook ups to be put into action at particular junctions of ones personal life journey. In reality, we are making travel plans according to God's Demands.
Rev. Robert B. Starkey

Rev. Robert B. Starkey graduated from Gonzaga High School College in Washington, D.C. and later went on to receive a Bachelor's of Arts degree from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore Campus in 1993. He has attended the Howard University School of Divinity and the Washington Theological Seminary, both in Washington, D.C.. Rev. Starkey was called to preach at an early age. He preached his first sermon at the age of fourteen in Washington, D. C.. In addition to preaching the gospel, he also served as a musician for numerous churches. In 1983, he was called to the pastoral ministry and served in the United Methodist Church for over eight years. In 1991, Rev. Starkey became the Pastor of Metompkin Baptist Church in Parksley, Virginia. Later, in 1996, he became the founder of Bethel Baptist Church (now known as Bethel Progressive Ministries) in Salisbury, Maryland. In 1996, Rev. Starkey and wife, Minister Starkey founded Age of Recovery Ministries a media ministry, established to reach people to guide them from frustration to fulfillment. Together they have four children.
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